belap – bennett leisure and planning

Planning space for sport, recreation and health

A specialist sport, leisure and town planning consultancy based in Devon, belap works with local authorities and other public, voluntary and private sector clients, to provide cost-effective, high-quality reporting, planning and consultancy services. Our reports are thorough, robust and timely. And, crucially, they’re ‘usable’, enabling clients to make informed and effective decisions regarding open spaces and sport and recreation facilities.

We understand the social value of open spaces and the health and fitness benefits that are associated with sport, recreation and leisure activities, which is why we’re committed to working for and in partnership with local authorities and other agencies to help protect, provide and enhance these resources, and ensure future generations enjoy the same facilities.

belap will establish what facilities are already in place, assess the needs of local communities and recommend how those gaps can be filled.

belap can:

  • check, record, assess and map the current facilities
  • consult the local community about their requirements
  • use modelling and analytical techniques to discover what and where facilities should be provided or improved
  • recommend how shortfalls might be addressed most effectively and the costs and timings involved

For more information on what we do, see Case Studies or please contact us.