South Hams Swimming Pools Strategy

Swimming pool strategy for South Hams District Council

Swimming pool strategy – PDF

The Strategic Swimming Study was required to guide investment decisions around swimming pool provision in the South Hams in Devon. There were several pools in the district but gaps had been identified in earlier studies; the aim was to appraise what could be done to meet deficiencies and whether shortages could be addressed through enhancing existing provision or providing new.

The study involved an analysis of each pool: its operation; management; throughput; targets and income, and analysis of accessibility and catchment areas and close consultation with clubs and other users of the facilities. Local schools were also involved.

Jon Parkinson, Leisure Contracts and Recreation Officer with South Hams District Council said:

‘South Hams commissioned belap to undertake the Council’s first ever strategic swimming study for the district in November 2007 with the final report being approved and published May 2008. The study was needed as the Council was facing existing and future demands on its current swimming pool facilities with projected population growth. A key requirement was to provide an audit of all the sectors providing swimming and carry out detailed local consultation to assess specific areas.

This has enabled the Council to make strategic funding decisions on its future pool provision, especially at Ivybridge with additional work being commissioned and significant capital funding now allocated. Also the study allows local communities to understand existing and future needs. belap provided the Council with a valuable document undertaken in a detailed and professional manner with clear recommendations.’

See the report: Swimming pool strategy for South Hams District Council (Opens as a PDF)