Research and Consultation

Torquay Academy Pitches Courts and Sports Hall

Torquay Academy Pitches Courts and Sports Hall

belap’s strategies and studies are robust and exhibit a strong evidence base. They require a large amount of engagement and consultation with local groups, clubs, sports development professionals, national governing bodies of sport, residents, tourists, schools, colleges and universities, town and parish councils, facility managers and operators and a range of other statutory, voluntary and commercial organisations.

We have developed a range of consultation methods – postal, on-site, telephone and web based surveys – and other ways of engagement, including events and focus groups, to ensure that we gather all relevant views and are able to assess demand and need accurately. This is one of our strengths.

At belap, we also collect, co-ordinate, audit, accurately record and analyse large amounts of critical data on customer behaviour, satisfaction, needs and perceptions using Sport England tools such as Active People and market segmentation.

We undertake detailed site audits and assessments of different types of open space and sport and recreation facilities, using our own templates or those developed by Sport England and other agencies.

We have monitored sports clubs, schools and sport facilities which have received grants from the Lottery Sports Funds by interviewing recipients, assessing the way the money has been spent and making recommendations for improved effectiveness to encourage greater participation in sport, recreation and fitness activities.

belap can help your agency or organization to audit its facilities and services, assess the need for them and understand the factors which influence your clients’ behaviour.